Fort Worth October 2017

Bother Joe lives here with Grace, his wife. Marcia flew in from New Jersey and I from California to visit with him because in less than a year, the poor darling has lost a lot of ground with regard to his physical and mental health. Grace is his caretaker and as things have become worse; she is getting very tired. I was hoping to give her some respite, but I am not certain that we are not more of a pain for her. I hope not, but…

Last December I came for Joe’s birthday, and the difference in less than a year is very disheartening. But there are photos. The one below with the birthday cake is December 2016.


This year poor dear is more unstable and when going any distance needs a wheel chair. For a great speaker and presenter for many cruises, he researched and wrote on topics from the Asian Economy to wildlife on Sardinia, he now has to search for words for normal conversation. Once when just the two of us were in the living room he said “How do I feel? I feel utterly useless.” That statement pained me as it must have pained him even more to admit that.

One of the adventures we took was to go to the Fort Worth Modern Museum, a lovely building with a good collection in downtown Fort Worth. It had a temporary show of a local artist who specialized in what looked like something scary for Halloween. Empty and abandoned mental hospitals, rusting factories, rotting buildings were featured along with interiors of residential facilities long empty and inundated with water, creatures and dirt. Not what I would call uplifting.

But it was a change of scene and Joe remarked that the restaurant there was one of his favorites places for brunch. Marcia, Grace and I took turns driving the wheelchair. Marcia and I were so happy that we made the trip, and Grace was incredibly generous and kind. Joe napped a lot, but seemed happy we came to see him.





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