Prep for a Trip to Mexico

Copper Canyon has been on my radar for decades, on Tuesday early morning I begin my trip there. This is a destination not on the way to someplace else. Instead it is a geological wonder formed in the same geological period as our own Grand Canyon, however it is 4 times larger. Located in the northern states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa, it was first discovered as a potential source of silver and gold, copper and other metals were also discovered. A railroad was begun early 20th century, planning and early trials began as early as 1872. The rail line begins on LosMochis at 36 feet above sea level, and the highest point near Creel goes up to 7,800 feet above sea level.

Estimates are always off, sometimes way off:

Construction of the railroad was estimated at 5 years. It took almost 90 years.

Cost was estimated at $500,000. Final Cost was $90,000,000.

Number of tunes necessary was estimated at 10 – 15. Final count was 87 tunnels and 39 bridges.

Biggest challenge was the assent at Temoris – 3 levels were constructed with a full 180 degree turn inside the mountain!

As I sit here in Stinson Beach doing final plans about covering responsibilities while I am gone, what will I miss in my 11 days away? The garden, the smell and sound of the sea, my walks to take care of shopping (Stinson Beach Market), food sources (Siren Canteen, Parkside, Sand Dollar) and the Post Office, all within walking distance of my house. Once I park the car , I walk everywhere. However, when I writing or readingI ma at the dining room table overlooking the garden, always visited by birds, butterflies including the regal Monarchs which are here year round, humming birds, and rascals of the erode the variety – mice, rates and gophers – I try to be generous, but I truly want the rodents to vanish.

The pond below is the center of the garden and is an attractor of the many birds (some are quite gigantic, heron for example, they call at the pond to fish for lunch!) And there are various decks for tea or coffee or wine, depending

And here is the white magnolia planted last year to memorialize the giant one in the back garden at Magnolia House in San Rafael.

I will miss these lovely parts of life here, but the call of the unknown and adventure is real. I will return.

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