El Fuerte

The train arrived more than 1 1/2 hours late, about 8:30 PM. The driver from the hotel met us and took us to out hotel Le Posada Hidalgo. We came into the reception area and were told we were lucky we could se the El Zorro show which was about to begin. It was next to the reception which was next to the pool. All very sweet, but I was not interested and opted to go to my room. It was a pretty setting, though. We started yesterday with a sleep-in and aa late, light breakfast. The walks around town began at 10:30 and there were just we three Americanos. Miguelangelo is our English speaking guide. He introduced us to the history of the hotel, originally the site of three wealthy families homes. The hotel now has 63 rooms! Across the street is the City Hall with murals showing the history of the town which now has more than 22,000 persons. And many police – local, state of Sinaloa, and Federale Photos to be added later, all on my iPhone.

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