Lost Blogs!

Golly all those words and photos – lost in the ether! Aside from truly pissing me off, the distance between adventure and writing will change the nature of the tale, o well it could be for the better.

Barrancas del Cobre is the Spanish name for Copper Canyon. This is the spot we have been aiming for, although some of the canyons we have already visited have been deeper, such as the one where Batopilas is located and which we reached by roads with our driver, Oscar. It is the road built only three years ago that had the incredible rock falls.

Oscar was a fabulous driver, very careful even under awful circumstances. He dropped us off at the Hotel Mirador perched on the rim of the Copper Canyon. This is another Balderrama hotel with commodious bedrooms and more than adequate baths with incredible instant hot water for showers and shower heads you would be happy to have at your house.

Each room has an exquisite view of the canyon.

This the spot that has various activities including a gondola that crosses the canyon and two different zip lines, one that goes from spot to spot around the canyon on short hops and one that goes from one side to the other. That one is called Zip Rider, that’s what I took.

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