Time for El Chepe

El Chepe is the name of the train from Los Mochis to Chihuahua, the name stands for from Chihuahua to the Pacific, Los Mochis is very close to the Sea of Cortez that separates the mainland of Mexico from the Baja Peninsula. Today we went to see the very end of the Copper Canyon, an excuse to go to shops, I think. Being not a good American tourist, I chose to go to the hotel across the street from the market and have some cold cranberry juice (same price as a beer, it turns out.)

This the very end of the Copper Canyon, the site of one of the Tarahumara markets for their crafts across the road from here. I went to the nearby hotel. One of the surprise was was a carved and painted entry door.


We had a train that was unposed to leave at 1:45 which we were warned may be late due to another train needing the track at that time. We were dropped off as the station in plenty of time for the 1:45. There were several women weaving and selling their wares and some children as well. I so admired the little boy who quietly sat next to his Mama as she never stopped weaving all time we were there. We were there for more than an hour – I succumbed and eventually bought one of her baskets!

I have a terrific photo of her and the boy, but it is my iPhone which I will add once I get back, but I have no idea how to do it here.

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