To the Gondola

The landing was smooth with no problems. The line dips slightly so that the final approach is going up. From the zip line finishing platform there is a mighty climb, that I just didn’t focus on. The return is by gondola, however the gondola station is above the part of the canyon where the Zip Rider comes in – way above.

At 8,000 feet the task of all steps rise around the mountain top was pretty arduous. I stopped plenty of times and that is why they insist on each person taking water. I finished my bottle just as I saw the last set of stairs to the station. There were signs all along telling about various features of the Copper Canyon in Spanish and English. The Copper Canyon (really a collection of 11 separate canyons) is 4 times larger than the Grand Canyon in the US. It is also 2 times deeper. The last sign said “Congratulations you have just walked 1000 meters and expended 300 calories)” There was a village about halfway that feature about 10 houses and a large cornfield. Most villages are smaller than that.

This photo of the large village was taken from the gondola on the way back down.

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On the planet in California

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