Zip Rider

The zip line called Zip Rider is reputed to be the highest and longest, period. Our guide, Carlos came with me and I asked him to take my photo and a video of my ride. We got there about 9:00 and did all the paperwork and paid for the ride (it was not part of my tour). Of course all the statements I signed said they were liable for zero. There was a spot where they asked you to put any of your belongings not attached – such as back packs, bags, etc. The only things allowed were worn or sunglasses that were firmly on the face.

The sign is English on this side and Spanish on the other. The top image shows the correct stance for the legs as you are let out of the gate and then with elbows tucked in and legs out front you go like hell across the canyon. It is truly a BLAST!

An attendant settles you into a canvas seat-like harness and attached various straps and cinches. She goes over the landing technique- legs out front and if you think you need more braking, arms out-stretched. She is very businesslike. I felt exhilaration and an acknowledgment that this was a little like giving birth – high expectations with understanding it was going into the unknown.

The internet connection here is way too slow to include the video, but I will add it when I get back to California.

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