Posada Hidalgo

The hotel is very comfortable. Lots of laborers, lots of gardeners, lots of waiters, a lot like Sicily. It is in part a work program by the town.

One of the three houses that were combined to make up the many gardened hotel is said to have belonged to the Della Vega

(Sp) family. The Robin Hood-like hero El Zorro, was reputed to be the second son of this family. True to that story the hotels has an 8 PM poolside music and storytelling time with black costumed El Zorro himself who charges in with a blast of music brandishing a sword. He tells his tales of adventure, dances with some of the admiring ladies and saunters out. As he passes our table we recognize Michelangelo, our guide for the river trip.

My room has a lovely design. The bedroom has an alcove with a sink and a lot of room for stuff. There is a separate room with the toilet and large shower. Outside my window is a lovely bougainvillea that partially hides a terrific lamp post on the street. Across the street is the door to the City Hall.

This morning I was able to enjoy the march of school children accompanied by music from a sound truck. On the other side of the room there is a window and a door both of which open onto one of the many gardens. The design to capture any breeze that might come by.

The dining area, and bar are across the garden and up a ramp. There are several hummingbird feeders in the opening to the bar, always visited by dozens of little birds. The dining area is dressed formally with a ceiling covered with playful paper flowers.

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