A Visit with Kim

Kim Chevallier is my niece, she lives in San Diego with her husband Christophe. She has two sons both of whom are away at University, Daniel to study music, Paul younger by two years is just starting at †he University of Toronto. Kim is my brother Joe’s daughter and the niece I know best.

She and Christophe bought a house in San Diego that sits above an Environmental Preserve, It give the outlook from the back garden much like the canyons I visited last week. The spacious view provides an endless change of light and increases the bird population mightily. This morning I opened the blinds to fine a plump dove on the green lawn walking about and pecking – we had a rain last night and I think the creature was looking for the worms that make their way up to the surface after the rain. There were no worms because the lawn is artificial. By the time I got to my iPad, the dove waddled away, but many birds visited to investigate the “grass”.

I managed to get a photo of one bird – light brown and almost invisible. Poor thing was pretty disappointed. The sun is getting ready to set, but it is behind a cloud I am praying to to the sun god to get more color, but just in case here is what I see now.

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On the planet in California

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