Inexorable Rhythms

JoAnne Fabian died on Friday December 1 and Katie Gersten had a little boy on Saturday, December 2, the birthday of my dear Robert Bell. Rhythms of nature life and death writ personal. And what  of the larger rhythms?


Yesterday we had a Super Moon and with it as usual was a King Tide – for us it was a 7′ high tide which at Stinson Beach means that the highest waters rush under the pilings of the house at the end of my street, Calle del Pinos. The low tide, my favorite time for walking on the beach was at sundown, and displayed vast expanse of beach in front of the fringe of the sea. My walks remind me that we are all part of the rhythms of nature, a tiny, tiny part.


The Super Moon above coming up over the city of San Francisco. At the beach we saw it as it climbed over Mount Tamalpais, but by that time it had lost the red atmospheric dust as it streamed into the dining room at full blast – proud, white and round. Gaby and I admired the light and were grateful to be together.


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On the planet in California

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