Still a bit punchy after many, many hours of travel. I took Lyft yesterday (Monday) at 6:20 AM from the Barn to The San Rafael Transit Center to get the Marin Airporter one of which I just missed. Now it is Tuesday at 6:25 PM sitting at the little restaurant at my hotel (Smart Hotel – really?). I arrived at 11:10 this morning at the airport – this country is really far from home. The air travel is highly variable, but still amazing.

I am here because I want a meal before I have a shower and sleep. Unfortunately I was unable to sleep on the long leg of the trip to Santiago. I tried. But it proved impossible.

I decided to have a Uruguay Burger – with bacon (think Canadian Bacon, cimicurri sauce, tomatoe, lettuce, mayonnaise – I think) a really good buger, they know and love beef here. And an IPA, made in Uruguay, in a town about 15 miles away. All good.

Problem began when I tried to make reservations for my tours – the gut who opened by saying “I know English” did not know how to hear English – most problematic – I owuld say after having time to think about – that was my problem in Italian – I could give a great rendition of the song of the leanguage, but understanding what the person was saying, or asking in repsonse – was a mystery…

I think this was solved – but I will make certain that the plans, which took a very long time to arrange – 3 tours in 10 days (?) – are said to have been arranged. At one point I am sorry to say – I got really angry and slapped my hand on the table as I was making my point saying that we had just planned Saturday – how could we plan anothe all day tour on Saturday…

Now to shower, wash my hair and get into bed. Hopefully to sleep.

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One thought on “Montevideo”

  1. Loved reading your colorful and energetic blog. The guy definitely is worthy of your 2 laps if he really believes that he can creat one more Saturday! Well, reality is what u claim it to be….. since not too long ago. 😂


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