Ciudad Viejo (Old City)

My hotel is in the old city, that was one of the reasons I selected it. This part of the city is old, but the hotel is new, this is its second year. It has good elevators, individually controlled temperature, lots of hot water, a small kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator and free wi-fi. And it has a gym on the 10th floor, that is the top floor and the gym has a small terrace overlooking the city. The breakfast that is included with the room is from 7 to 11:30, I just barely made it at the end of its run today.


By old it does not mean the oldest part of the city, most of it was built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. There is decided French caste to the architecture, on some small streets you could easily be in Paris. Museums and theaters, proliferate, the museums focus on art, carnival, pre-Colombian indigenous culture, migration, and tango. Many of the large, old houses have been repurposed, For example the Palacio Taranco is now the Museum of Decorative Arts, built in 1908 designed by French archives and built by English constructors and filled with furnishings from all parts of Europe. Photos show a grand palace – I will get there and take some photos of my own in the next days.

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