Punta Carretas

Shopping malls, like airports have a way of relating to each other and to not much else. I was looking for an English guide book for Uruguay and Montevideo but found none in Marin County, I decided to go to the U.S. Embassy and find out what “we” think of tourism in Uruguay, what about Americans retiring Embassy entrance after going through two external security post, I went into a gals chamber with three more guards one of who was in the other side of a glass box we shared with a glass wall between us and a speaker so that I could hear him. I did not have a guard, but the guy who greeted me had two.

It turned out that would have to make and appointment by emailing an address he gave me on a card. Were there any printed materials about the questions of tourism and retirement. I would have to ask the person I met for my appointment. How long would I have to wait to see someone, he did not know, but someone would be back to me when I sent my request. Could they suggest a book store where I could find a book on Uruguay. They knew of none, but maybe at the Punta Carretas Shopping.

I had been told on my way in from the airport that there a great shopping mall in the neighborhood of the Embassy. I asked the guard if I could walk there, he laughed and ” O no. It is 4 Kilometers that way.” pointing east away from the old city. One of guards told me where to find the nearest taxi stand where I found a cab. A note on the taxis – they have the tiniest back seat ever, I could hardly make it and it made wonder how would be for 6 feet guy? The driver is entirely sealed from the passenger with a really small drawer in the middle of the front seats for pesos.

Punta Carretas has a wide forecourt and steps to large doors, the look of a palatial entry. They even had a ramp on one side of the wide staircase. Inside it looked like a shopping mall, sounded like a shopping mall and smelled like a shopping mall.

To show how kid-friendly it is they have a merry-go-round with music (and no children). Aside from the Nike store, and the Puma store, they also have some shops that are definitely local. One called Tits – for sure a ladies underwear shop. But no, not a single bra, or pair of panties could be seen, just inexpensive casual clothes for women. Tits?

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