There has always been competion between Buenos Aires and Montevideo for international shipping for the region. BA being the larger more industrialied country gets massive amounts of shipping, but since Uruguay ships food out, ships try to carry raw materials in for processing. The are around the port tells tales of promise and old failures.

The container port in the distance is active and and thriving according to the guide. There are new processing plants near the port and new ones are scheduled.

But the same area shows signs of failures too. The railroad which stopped running almost as trains in the 1980s, run only cattle transfers usually at night.

Thousands of square feet of warehouse space are standing empty since that time and although there are often stories of the government refurbishing the spaces – given what I have seem there would be no demand for the spaces given all the “shopping malls” for tourists the government has already provided. There is a sad beauty to these buildings.

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One thought on “PORT OF MONTEVIDEO”

  1. Thank you, Peg. What a wonderful talent you are. I can see these places and almost smell the smells. See you soon.


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