Over the Great Divide

Leaving the crowded city we began to find more green and smaller roads eventually getting to a well-paved two lane road. Only a bit more than a half hour away from the urban fabric we visited a family farm.

Three generations work the farm one patria families eight children and 16 grandchildren several of whom have moved to San Jose for their work.

We were made so welcome. There were women and men hulling strawberries which were headed to 5 different farmers markets in San Jose, another pair of women making small baked snacks for us to have with coffee. We were taught how to make them.

The family enjoys children who are healthy and enjoy the attention of folks taking photographs. The youngest only six weeks old slept through the hubbub in the large kitchen filled with family and 16 visitors.

After coffee and the small breads and a family hootch made of pineapple, plum alcohol, just a taste, enough to know how raw it was.

After that we went to a flower farm with a story of workers taking over a business that couldn’t make it. They are using a fraction of the land and have moved to cultivation of strawberries. They still grow flowers, but the market has become so competitive that the margins make it difficult.

We went next over the Continental Divide at 8500 feet. Then down the other side.

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On the planet in California

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