Pineapple Farm

One of our visits was a pineapple farm. Entertaining host and guide ‘splaining how they do it in Costa Rico so that they can sell into the IS market an organic fruit. They are owned by a German company and sell to Whole Foods. Can you say GLOBAL?

We were in a wagon pulled by a tractor through the fields of young and mature plants. Our host has his machete which he called Justin. He had hit just in case anyone acted up. He also peeled and served many pineapples with dispatch. Loved it

Above is the flower that precedes the fruit and below is our host carving and serving his pineapple. Best I have had, really sweet. Must get one at Whole Foods and see if it holds up.

Babies went in 3 weeks ago. They will last 25 years with a crop every year or so. One pineapple per plant.

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