The Lodge at Sarapiqui

Sarapiqui is a research station that boasts a lodge with a terrific garden walks filled with birds and other rain forest creatures. From the restaurant deck where we start the day it seems like a paradise.

We had a long walk through the rain forest and over a pedestrian bridge the crossed 3/4 of a mile of river and jungle. It was a suspension bridge made of steel and quite substantial. The trail was well maintained and safely engineered so that footing, even when the surfaces were muddy and slippery remained substantial.

We started off for our next destination, a private rain forest reserve called Chachagua. We made two stops on at the home of an indigenous woman artist and one at a sizable food market said to be owned by Walmart.

I bought a painted gourd from the artist and a bottle of Spanish wine at the store. Then we were off for our stay for the next two nights at Chachagua.

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