Volcano Arenal

Although hidden behind fog or clouds this is a famous volcano and the beginning of tourism in Costa Rica. Erick, our guide says he had been here five times before and has never seen the top of the volcano. The last time it erupted the flies continued for some time. Now the reputation keeps visitors coming since a network of tourist facilities developed.

As we travel we have seen a mix of brilliant sun and rain ranging from showers to downpours but then the sun comes out again. Yesterday afternoons after the river ride I arranged for a Spa visit including mud wrap, facial and massage. An adventure for sure since communication was limited to a perfectly executed “Good afternoon” and many nods of the head.

Volcanic mud was a base and of many of the treatments. The only English speaker was the receptionist who probably has never been to a working spa. Very sweet and wanting to please, she was unable to say why one of the two wall mounted dispensers was empty, That one was marked shower gel. The one marked shampoo worked and since I was covered with mud tip to toe I used it. Turns out that the only wash juice they have.


As we are traveling a good distance today our luggage had been picked up and wrapped in a burrito on the roof of our van. It will arrive and be placed in our new rooms.

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