Green Energy in Costa Rica

Electrical energy is delivered to more than 95% of citizens in the country. More than 70% is from hydroelectric sources. The lake below is Lake Arenal below the famous volcano of the same name.

The lake drops water 3 times down the mountains through pipes that generate 1/3 of the electricity for the country. They are a in the midst of building 3 more hydroelectric dams to make enough to sell to neighboring countries in Central America.

That means that they arranged to share a grid. Last month for the first time ever they had a blackout. Now the hydro projects are in a political mess. Some want to keep Costa Rica power and not sell it. Others think they will get invaded for their energy supply. Yikes.

Between solar (in my estimations not enough) and wind and geothermal (not enough) they have almost achieved 100% renewable.

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