Horse Stop

On our way back over the Continental Divide we did a potty stop at a ranch where they raise and train horses. It is a family affair as many small farms are. The Maestro said he spent his youth only caring about himself. Never lived with others and that allowed him to come and go as he pleased. He drank and smoked wrangled horses and caroused. He got kicked in the face, had many bones broken and one of his legs was broken 3 times.

He decided he needed to think about changing his life. He made 5 rules, the first one took the longest. Number one was – take a good look at yourself. What do you see, feel, and think about what is good and what is bad. Change all the bad the things. He stopped drinking and smoking and chasing women. This did not happen overnight.

Number two – make certain to remember limits. Anything can turn into excess. Number three – persistence you have to keep at it. Number four – respect, everyone wants respect but often does not spend the energy to respect others. Number five – love.

He uses these rules in his life and in his training of the horses. I videoed his demonstration and talk for Gabrielle.

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