Back in Business

Travel to Uruguay in January included a stay at Smart Hotel, a nice new hotel a block and a half away from the main plaza. My flight for the long trip back to SFO left the airport at 6:00 AM so my cab came to pick me up at 3:30. After the check-in I had some time so I made my way to have a coffee. Like all the International Airports, this one had all the shops that depend on international travelers and pretty good coffee.

As I looked in my carry-on – YIKES NO iPAD! With the help of an English-speaking woman at the entry kiosk I learned that there was a free local phone for travelers in the airport (who knew?). It was at the other end of the terminal, so I also got in my morning walk. I called the hotel desk and told the guy what happened, he asked my to hold so that he could go up and see if it was still there. He came back and said he had it and would put it into the safe. I said but I want it sent back to me using either FEDEX or DHL, for both of which I have accounts. He dutifully took down all then info and I promised to send account info once I got back.

OK, sounds good. BUT neither company has an office in Montevideo! And the local Post Office has to get their requirements signed off by their. Customs Office? Wait, what? I asked to speak with the manger, he was not there until the next day and he would call me then. OK – but did he? No.

I left Montevideo on January 27, countless phone calls (thank god for SKYPE), emails, and still my iPad is in Uruguay. I tried to get them to give the equipment to any American guest planning to come back to the USA and I would arrange with that person to ship my iPad back to me – that almost worked until the upper management said that would make them responsible if it never showed up…

Day before yesterday I realized that I needed this bit of my life back and succumbed to another trip to the Apple store. Perhaps someday I will have 2 iPads… Today I am back in business.

Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day and Phaedra, Dan and Joseph came out to celebrate with me (Rosie was on a weekend meeting of her one of her government groups). We went for an evening walk on the beach and saw an incredible rainbow – in fact a double rainbow over the hills to the north. When I got back to the house the sky had gotten darker and the rainbow more intense and this was the view from the living room.

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