In the 10 years since I was here last, so much has been completed! I am waiting this  morning sitting on a stone wall on the Acropolis looking toward the front of the Parthenon. The re-construction of the building has been going on for decades. The warmth of the stone is obvious in this overcast day. The sirocco from Africa has filled the sky with sand and dirt making the brilliance of the other times I have been here seem like a Hollywood version of the building. I loved it then, however I am even more impressed today. After all, mid-summer is a very short period.


The theater is closed and they speak about it as being only used as an artifact. I recall seeing a performance there, sad to think it will never be used again. But it is said that the rear wall (the one that keeps the floor in place ) will be the next to crack and fall down. O my!

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