Road Scholar arranged for us to go to a pretend village for a pretend wedding. It may sound like a bad idea, but it was wonderful. Essentially we enjoyed the dancing and food of a wedding feast. The dancing for the “guests” were the simple circle dances. And the other more elaborate dances were performed by performers, the music being slightly middle eastern as usual in Greece.

The abandoned village called Arolithos was purchased by a wealthy family who runs the whole enterprise depending on tourists. Two families actually live there (security) and everyone else lives elsewhere some as far away as Heracleum the port where our boat is tied up.

One of the wedding delicacies is a cookie wreath made of a dough that is worked into flowers, birds, shells, etc. Many times this wreath is hung in the couples house as a blessing.

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2 thoughts on “A WEDDING IN CRETE”

  1. What a day of adventures. In my head 1981 was not that long ago in my life but in the life of the planet not so. We suffer a tug of war now between personal survival and those of places to preserve. Your like our family Viking bring back such insights. Carry on my love and thank you for sharing! Love.


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