Having been here in 1981 when we were able to wander wherever after buying an entrance ticket, I was surprised by two things, lots of folks and roped off places where no access was allowed.

The sensational Minoan columns are still there elegant and strong. The gigantic Ashlar stones are there but I wonder about when they were installed…

Above is the king’s apartment with the fake wood lintel put in by Schliemann (amateur archeologist) and savior of the site. Many, many people whereas when we were there before the buildings included some waste and garbage (none exists now except in proper receptacles) and only a few people from our tour bus.

One of the few frescoes still in place is located in the Queen’s bathroom. Others have been moved to the museum in Athens where they are astonishing in form and color. Unfortunately even in pictorial form they are not part of the archeological site, a real disappointment. I also think not having them represented here is a major error.

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