The lovely ship awaited us in Kos. After a visit to the hospital of Hippocrates about 20 miles outside the main town, we had time to walk (and walk around the port). This is a fine island and we were here on Sunday, streets were quiet as we started our day – the Museum staff was there early to let us visit the museum which is usually closed on Sunday. When we got back to the main square after going off the the hospital it was closed.

This is a famous Hellenistic statue of the girl washing her hair. And one of our fellow Road Scholars behind the glass case. The museum had several partial sculptures of men and women, but this was the only one that was totally preserved.

They also had one of the best mosaics we have seen. Most others were less carefully designed and executed. This one shows two gods helping Hippocrates by giving information about healing, or so the guide said. What I appreciated was the placement of the figures and the colors used for each character. The elegant border around the scene is exquisite. And the determination of each frame becoming more simple as each goes to the end of the room (it is in a wood frame here, but was the covering of a single room when in situ).

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