Jasmine Season

In June our jasmine blooms. Sometimes when the weather is very hot the fragrance almost overwhelming. I have been know to close the door near the trellis where the vine grapes. However this Spring very cool and quite overcast, there is just enough sweetness to want to lean into the plant.

Too much sweetness, too much of a good thing – that reaction may be part of our lives. Part of being human may include a sometimes small, but insistent voice that whispers, why is that person being this nice, this generous to me??? Why indeed.

I had an admirer once that used to try to describe me to me. He thought I was not aware of how “special” “unusual” “extraordinary” I was. I thought he was delusional. I was more certain as time went on that he was describing a desirable woman, one he imagined, and he tried to fit me into his dream-woman. The more he tried to convince he was correct and I was not seeing myself , the more I thought he was daft.

Have I done the same thing? Over-admired someone? I don’t think so, but I will ponder…

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On the planet in California

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