Fall in this Part of the World

At my house at Stinson Beach I have an apple tree. Today I saw apple blossoms in bloom and some places where the pretty pink blossoms are gone but the sturdy stamens have the tiny kernels that can become fruit. The same tree is loaded with apples at various degrees of ripeness. The Gala apples are tasty, and some are just right to pick off the tree, wash and eat. Some have already been consumed by out local raccoons, rats and who knows what other creatures – the remains are on the ground complete with teeth marks.

Meanwhile about 20 miles away trees are in bloom looking oddly tropical on the campus at Dominican University. All this at the end of September!

This tree above is large, the blossoms are mostly on the southern exposure all the way up to the top. The blossoms look orchid-like and although there no birds nearby, it looks like a bird attractor, or maybe bees?

About 40 feet away another beautiful tree with a plaques that gives a botanical name, and then a common name – Coral something or other.

Other trees, deciduous trees are turning color and some leaves are floating down when the winds come up – but that seems normal and expected in this season. The odd and exotic trees may have seasons, too, I will keep my eye on them.

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  1. Do you know Anne Carson’s translations of Sappho? I think they are remarkable and I’d like to get them for you if you’re interested. She is an American woman poet , opera libretto composer, and classicist who taught at McGill for many years, now in Michigan I think. Many books of remarkable poetry. What excellent interesting writing you do in your blog!


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