Ubiquitous Airports

Airports internationally look, smell, feel the same. Lines for passport control are the same. Newspaper/candy/aspirin stands are the same. Duty Free stores are the same. Names may be slightly different, but they are basically the same. The vast spaces require air conditioning that is the same. Food in the restaurants is the same.


All that being said, some airports are more boring than others. Frankfurt, for example. Long halls necessitated by the scale of the planes means it can be 2 miles between gates!!! Really slightly less, since I arrived at gate Z 101 from San Francisco and am waiting at gat A 28 (I could have been leaving for Malaga from A 1, that literally is 2.1 miles from Z 101).


One fabulous feature is  chair that is actually comfortable (I have a 4 1/2 hour layover). Sturdy, clean and cleanable and I almost fell asleep (been up 30 hours so far). The chair with my red raincoat is mine and the woman next to me is sound asleep. The trick I think is the raised legs, in any case this chair is a great success. Why do they have a grand total of 4 in this massive airport? If they have more I haven’t seen the movie and I have walked from one end to the other, literally.





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