Malaga Friday

Friday and an easy walk around the center. The entire street system is pedestrian with some streets that allow taxis. Streets are marble, beautiful now bit I wonder about what happens in the rain – think ice skating.

Forgive the insertion of video I am not even certain it will make it. But here is 2 birds with one stone. The musicians are in front of the Roman theater from the 2nd century BC found under a lot of buildings during a construction 1955. It took until 2008 for all the archeologists and historians and the various government moves necessary to change from private to public ownership …you can imagine.

Then on to the Picasso Museum. He was born here and the museum is filled with art from Picasso’s family. Extraordinary collection that goes to the end of his life. I had seen nothing of his late work and I liked it.

Children in line to enter the Museum.

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