Jerez – Tio Pepe and Horses

Tio Pepe sells more sherry than any other producer. However when I went into the supermarket where they had a myriad of wines they had no sherry at all! No one seems to be able to answer why not, but I think it might be the local cost.

Tio Pepe is located in Jerez, a busy town with banks and offices. Other distillers are there as well.

The grapes are grown nearer to the sea and brought to the distillery where various kinds of sherry are produced. We tasted 3 varieties from the simplest (way too dry for my taste) to one of the sweetest. The middle one was my favorite but I did not buy anything.

The other treat was a horse show. Beautiful horses bred from the Arabian stock are trained here at a school. The horses “dance” to music and do dressage moves in extraordinary ways. Timing of rider and horse is stunning. A variety of different numbers of riders doing beautifully executed moves always elegant. We were not allowed to take photos there but I did get a DVD of the show.

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