Smoke for Days

Today, November 21, 2018 it is raining here in the San Francisco Bay Area. This after two weeks of horrendous fires about 140 miles northeast of here accompanied by winds at the fire sites, but none of our usually substantial sea breezes. We have had awful smoke, choking, eyes smarting, folks in masks when outdoors, apocalyptic in every sense.

On the weekend Phaedra and her family joined me at the beach, it was our first winter Spaghetti Bingo on Friday at the Stinson Beach Community Center.  On Saturday we walked down our tiny street to the beach. What we found was a wonderful sculpture built from the gifts of sea, wind and storm.IMG_1244.jpg

Driftwood, string, stone, feathers, seaweed of many kinds, put together against the backdrop of out Pacific Ocean. This photo was taken in the middle of the day usually brilliant blue, the sun was barely visible. For the sculpture it was a perfect backdrop.


Now dried, the showy seaweeds sport leaves, seeds, and the strong sinews required by plants that need to survive in seas that sometimes churn in storms.


The feather from one of the many birds that feed on fish may wave in a breeze, but sadly we have no such thing on this day. What a great thought on the part of the artist. The seed pods can float when they grow large, and sometimes the vines hang below.


My dears Phaedra and Joseph who were with me played with Jasper the dog and tossed a ball.


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