This is Winter Here

It is December 1, not quite winter on the calendar, but we have at last had some rains. The magic that happens when the dry ground has water takes only a couple of weeks. The ground is becoming green. Seeds come alive and that color green that defines life begins. Various sizes and styles, but all green.


The other part of the ground cover are the parts of the bark of the eucalyptus trees that border the creek along the east side of the pasture. The bark peels off and hangs until winds come and blow the strips around. The brown varied shaped slivers are eucalyptus bark.


Here is the pasture at the Barn. It is December 1 complete with shreds  of Eucalyptus bark, some winter Camellias in the foreground and Rosie’s gift of the blue Grandmother’s flag from Mongolia, wind blown into the crepe myrtle. The winter winds blow the bark strips hanging from the trees, eventually they land on the ground.


The bark dries and peels all year, but after the summer the bark is at its driest and begins to drop. If you look closely there is a small blue remnant of a prayer flag I put up after my trip to India 5 years ago, the rest is history.


And yes what about that Camellia a treat and totally unanticipated for a gardener that started on the East Coast, when the winter winds come.

What a treat!



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