Yosemite Walk to Lower Falls

The air is chilly and the light is bright. Overcast skies make the light flat and perfect for seeing everything. The winter colors include lots of tans and browns, but green too and the granite has very color of the rainbow, sometimes muted by time, sun and water.

We walked by Yosemite Villager and housing for Park Service personnel, unfortunately furloughed by our President…

Standing in front of the info board are l-r Dee Steve, Gaby, Ward and me.

We followed the path up to the Lower Falls on a path almost flat with a vertical climb of about 1%/50 feet. In fact it was marked for accessibility for wheelchairs. Perfect.

PHOTO (did not carry over from phone)

I took off to return to the hotel and my companions walked up the trail toward the top of the falls. They did not make it before it was time to return. Gaby had a difficult descent with her bad knee, Ward came to the rescue with his poles, but even with them Gaby had difficulty coming down.

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