Christmas Morning 2018

A short walk around the cottages and past the steaming pool brought back lots of sweet memories. This was before we met for brunch in Phaedra and Dan’s suite. I have not been in the pool in winter for decades and recall a winter dip with Bob steam all around and snow on the ground. And the granite mountains above us. So sweet.

The back garden is used for weddings but not in winter. If you look closely you can see snow on top but it looks like a sprinkling of powdered sugar. It snowed last night but just a bit. We thought we might have a white Christmas but not quite.

After my walk I went through the lobby then to the sixth floor where we were gathering for brunch. Phaedra played Santa and filled all the stockings hung in the sunroom. Phaedra (Santa) did not have a stocking.

After a BIG brunch we decided to walk to Mirror Lake with Ward in the lead. As part of our walk Rosie pulled out of her backpack a fabulous hat she got in Mongolia. Ward was totally entranced and before long it was on his head not Rosie’s. I didn’t see how that happened. Later I learned that without request, Rosie simply offered it to her uncle (she knew he would love to wear it)!

Above l-r Ward, Phaedra, Gaby, and last but in the biggest hat is Rosie.

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