Winter at the Beach


Winter brings a different pallet to the line between sea and land. The myriad of grays and blues and whites give a majesty to the scene. In Renaissance  painting the presence of the Almighty was often portrayed as rays of light coming through the clouds. Even a nonbeliever can wonder at the sight.

Our beach is dramatically shortened in winter, lapping up under the houses nearest the sea at high tide, and even at low tide some strong wind driven waves can travel the distance to come up our street.


A long walk on the beach can mean sloshing through the water or waiting for a chance to cross once the wave recedes. The tide is about an hour after high tide in these photos.


The little sandpipers are happy with their lunch, clusters of  the little birds hop up and down the beach and sometimes are so focused that they must fly up to get out of the wave.


This mortal walks south to the Siren Canteen for lunch for the best food in town. Mary Margaret is paying to keep the parking lot open and the garbage picked up because the National Park Service has been shut down/ It is the Orange Man again.


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