San Miguel de Allende 2

Walking is a joy visually, sonically and culturally. After several days uphill is less arduous and there is a lot of up and down here.

Colors abound. The main parish church called La Parroquia is a confection of various shades of pink in a celebratory baroque style. It faces the main square Jardin Principal.

During the centuries of the Inquisition wealthy families built churches to prove their immense piety. Because San Miguel dates from 1550 the indigenous peoples were enslaved by the Spanish to work in the silver mines and were rigorously pursued by the priests. However the earliest churches no longer exist they were often wood or wattle and mud.

The Jardin has folks all day and most of the night. The shady seats allow lots of people to discover one another. I met folks from Wisconsin, Chicago, Santa Monica this morning in about 20 minutes.

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