SMA 3 Mimi’s Entourage

Mimi Armstrong is the magnet. She is here to support her Mother who with her husband retired here from their university duties decades ago. Last summer Mimi’s Mother Miriam suffered a stroke from which she is recovering very well.

On my left is Mimi, left around the table are Amanda, friend of Mimi’s from London, Miriam, Mimi’s Mother and Tice (not the correct spelling of his Dutch name, but this is how I remember it and how I pronounce it “Tice rhymes with nice”. Tice is Mimi’s friend who lives in Switzerland.

The dining room is part of the Rosewood a hotel complex which was a construction site last time I was in San Miguel. When it was being built I thought it was going to be a hospital or university or some major institution. It is an institution but one designed to accommodate visitors who can afford a luxurious setting, and designed to integrate the style of the 18th century improvements and utilize the craftsmanship of the local artisans.

This is a city where garage doors are worthy of gallery inclusion. Below the garage of the Casa Aurora. The front door is no less impressive.

It took me some time to discover the key to open the door. It is in a hidden alcove on the left of the door. I am certain that there is also a camera hidden as well.

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