SUN 2019

We have had a month of cold and rain. Yesterday the sun came out strong and stayed all day bring the temperature up to 71 degrees in the afternoon! Because it was Saturday folks came to the beach in droves. Parking lots were full, lines for food in all the usual places, shorts and bikinis on the beach.

They were busy at the Parkside Snack Bar. The line was even longer at the Siren.

Evidenced of the severe storm that took out the front deck last month was everywhere along the beach. Red rocks which I have never seen before lined the beach in front of the Coast Guard lookout where the siren is located.

Elida’s house at the end of my street lost most of her front deck in the storm, it is called “The Castle” because of the crenelated  roof. I was relieved to find that it did not seem to have damaged to the living room, and Elida being an architect has made the repairs including new steel beams under the foreshortened deck.

Happily my house has no damage. I was in Mexico, but neighbors reported that they had no power for four days – I did because I had installed a generator. That was a good decision because all the drains I installed and the pumps meant I had zero water in the house.

This is a new entrepreneur. She and her partner traveled all winter in Southeast Asia where they bought a lot of stuff. There are tables and containers labeled $5, $10 and $20 all for their travels. Good location directly across from the Parkside Restaurant!

Because I am writing this on Saint Patrick’s Day, I will include the poster for a local celebration, and wish all a happy day – Erin Go Bragh!

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