Winter in April

It has been a shock to be with my sister Marcia and husband David in Stillwater Township in northern New Jersey. Since it is April I anticipated jonquils. Instead there is almost no sign of tiny buds, never mind the cheery yellow harbingers of warmth.

Marcia and I walked yesterday through the Kittatinny State Park. Wind from the north whipped through the trees as we wound around the lake Marcia helped me by lending me layers of her warm clothes.

Marcia feeds all the animals and we saw a very fancy bird with a red head and great tweed coat. I didn’t have my phone to take a photo. I am hoping to be able to get this guys photo tomorrow.

This is the back of Marcia and David’s house. The time is about 2 PM. The wind is literally howling. I am so very comfortable here now in front of the fireplace. I keep telling them they should look into solar collectors, that back roof is almost due south.

Tomorrow I will fly to Cairo. But I am so happy to have spent this time here.

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