Cairo 5 April 2018

We landed at 10:55 AM local time. I was picked up by a driver at Marcia and David’s house on 4 April tp go to JFK. I may have napped for an hour in the way, if that. So I napped once having been picked up from the airport and driven into the city, about 45 minutes away.

Hotel Peniramis is located right on the Nile River about a block from the U S Embassy and the Tahir Square, made famous in the latest revolution. It is an older hotel, probably 1970s or early 80’s things are very well kept, but not every single thing works. We had two power outages tonight – each for about 15 minutes.

The upper photo shows my room and balcony that overlooks the Nile, but it is so bright that I need to focus on the river to show what I actually see. I had no feel for the middle of Cairo, so this was a delightful discovery for me. Another great feature is the bathroom with bidet and full bathtub. I, like Cleopatra, prefer bathing to showering when possible.

I napped to get rid of the punchy feeling after no sleep for a long time. I made sure to set my alarm for 2 hours so I didn’t screw up the rest of the time here, and when I arose it was dusk (and pretty smoggy) the lights of the city were just coming on, including the blue ones under the bridge. Though difficult to see here the water taxis have colored lights and go up and down the river.

The other hotel feature is a really BIG pool.

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