Wedding Cairo Style

Lots of lights, music and costumes around a very large pool with many photographers… I saw the celebration from my balcony. The ladies with the headdresses festooned with colored lights towering above their heads came out first. At that point I did not know it was a wedding. A bridge had been built across the pool and on the hotel side there was a white arch through which the couple appeared eventually and stood for photos. Meanwhile there was a lot of music broadcast at volume.

I made a longer version of the parade and at some point it will be fun to project it on a large screen and maybe even dance to it.

The next scene included the light-crowned ladies without their headdresses marching across to lead the couple across the bridge to the square where they were married. The square later became the lighted dance floor.

Meanwhile the lighted water taxis continued to ply the waters. And the city continued to light. The American University is across the river in the area that looks dark because of the trees.

Tomorrow we begin to review the trip with the guides and to sign up for our optional side trips, all of which look fabulous to me. Also it is definitely time to get Egyptian Pounds.

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