My room steward Ewad made two swan wearing glasses both my reading glasses and my sun glasses. Cool.

We went to the Temple of Horus, the god of the sun and the planets. It is said to be the best-preserved temple in Egypt. It also the last one built over 259 years.

This time we traveled by horse and buggy through the city. Salah, our guide says that this is the poorest city in Egypt.

Behind my fellow travelers you can see the horse carriage shade structures used while visitors tour the site. The buildings behind show the partial structures seen all over Egypt. It is a kind of real estate savings plan for families.

Horus, the hawk in front of his temple. The wall behind is filled with hieroglyphics telling tales of gods and goddesses and the history of the world.

The king wearing the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt holds his stamp while his son strikes the prisoners shown as crowds of shallow inscriptions on the wall. This is the classic pose of a successful warrior king.

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