When Mother and Angelo Pera, then 14 I think, went to Giza Mother said I need to go because I don’t think I will be back. Today I have thought of her a lot so she is here in an ephemeral way.

One of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, it is the only one extant today.

It is said that that perfect angle for a pyramid is 53 degrees. The three pyramids here are between 52 and 54 degrees. You can see in the photo above the great pyramid of Khufu and behind the smaller of Khafre, the only pyramid that has retained a portion of its original limestone facing on its top.

In the 1950s a pit was discovered at the Giza site which contained a boat which had been dismantled and was carefully saved for restoration for the King when he returned to life. In time other boat pits at other pyramids were also found. Archeologists found some inscriptions giving directions on how to ties the ropes and arrange oars, etc. using these clues the boat was restored and a museum containing the restored vessel and photos of the find and the various stages of the restoration was established.

This is a model, but upstairs above the model the actual full size boat has been restored.

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