Giza Sphinx

The Sphinx guards the great pyramid and the smaller pyramids.

The head of the giant lion portrays the pharaoh Khafre although by the time it was completed Khafre was dead and his son was the ruler. The sculpture is huge 73 meters long and 20 meters high.

We were escorted almost everywhere by police. Sometimes they would be in unmarked cars and sometimes highly marked vans and cars. In some cities such as Aswan they directed traffic to allow our buses to proceed without the big mess especially at turns.

And yes they still have camels to ride. There is no way I wanted to ride a camel since when I did that in the Sahara my private’s were sore for days. Of course these folks were riding for less than 5 minutes and my camel driver took me out for a half hour. He then wanted to know if I wanted to ride to the sunrise the next morning. No way.

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