Montaza Palace

Our hotel in Alexandria is on the property of the Montaza Palace. The photo below was taken from my balcony.

The building is now vacant and the plan seems to be turn it into a museum… The park around the palace is about 140 acres of parkland. We arrived on Friday, a holiday in this Muslim nation. The park was filled with families walking together, and cars parked everywhere.

We walked to a bridge which took the King to his tea house across the bay.

The trees planted came from many places, probably selected by one of the park designers. There were several ar Acaria (spelling probably not correct), a tree that seems fanciful in design.

We had the great good fortune to have a full moon in Alexandria.

This from our hotel entry level and below are the summery spaces of pool and restaurant all empty now at 10:30 PM on a cool night. Across the bay there os another palace not yet refurbished. This was the palace used for guests of the king.

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