Jane Hotel NYC

After getting up at 5 AM and leaving the ground in Cairo at 12 noon, and 12 hours across the Mediterranean and Southern Europe and then the whole Atlantic Ocean – I was at JFK Airport. Global Entry was a pleasure. I decided on a cab rather than LYFT in a wave of solidarity with the workers. It was 3:30. Everyone knows that the roads are all overtaxed even before the peak periods and they were.

I got to the Jane Hotel on Jane Street about 5, literally not knowing what day was. I thought it was Wednesday, enough hours had gone by – but going against the clock = +6 hours and the long plane ride was disorienting. The Jane is a sort of kooky place, having been built for working sailors rooms of less than 100 Sq. Ft. – bunk beds or a single bed with shared baths. Except for Captain’s Room where there is an en-suite bathroom!

The door to the bathroom is behind me. Through the window is a view of the Hudson River the place where the large cargo ships docked for the industrial area that was located in the west village. Across the River is the Lackawanna Railroad sign in Hoboken, for decades one of the commuter systems used to get folks to Wall Street. Today it has lots of office buildings related to the banks on Wall Street and all the related services.

The drawing on the back of the door shows the floor plan with the array of rooms.

Image to come

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