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My friend Don Cole gave a talk at the gallery called ArtXGallery in the old part of Seattle on last Saturday. When I first got the notice from the gallery via email I deleted it. Later that day I thought – now when is that? I should go because it has been years since I have seen Don and his wife Joan Wortis.

I emailed them and asked if they were open to my visit first to hear the talk and then to go to their house on Vashon Island. It turned out that they were in Sicily and would be back 11 May and we could make more definite plans then.

We did and I arrived from SFO in time for the talk at 1 PM.

There were about 40 maybe 50 people there one very large dog and two children. I was stunned by the very large painting called “Some River “. 20 feet long and 6 feet wide and asked Don what had stimulated his painting. He said it was done in 1972 and that he always loved hiking, especially in the Adirondacks. Spring brings lots of rain and wild rivers. The painting was his attempt to capture the movement and colors and passion of spring in the wild

Their tribe of friends many of whom are also artists were charming and articulate in their support of Don and of his work.

Before we drove to the ferry we chatted with the collection of people who had braved the rain to come to the talk. I was certain that my trip was a terrific idea.

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