Tacoma Ferry

Vashon Island has 2 ferries, one to Seattle and one to Tacoma. For some years at the end of the 19th century the two cities were competing to be the business bib for Washington. The capital is Olympia which doesn’t have a port, so the two port cities competed. Seattle won.

Tacoma became less desirable even in their port. However on the past 10 years + things have turned around somewhat.

As we arrived the scene was almost as bucolic as Vashon. I thought “where is the city?”.

Finally we saw some cranes at the port and although not visible from the ferry there were some buildings that constituted the downtown. As a help to the city the University of Washington developed a new campus there, but as yet it has few departments. The addition of students staff and faculty will be a plus, no doubt.

We were there to see a documentary about Rudolph Nureyev. The old movie house was once abandoned and a non-profit group bought it an now as more folks are moving in and apartments are being built things are definitely improving. I had forgotten how beautiful Nureyev was, and how incredibly narcissistic he was. And how beautifully he danced! On the BIG screen it was a great use of the medium.

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