Farewell Vashon and Thinking of Love and Life on an Island

Life on an island is not something I have ever longed for (Manhattan excluded). But I love being with Don and Joan on Vashon. I think they transfer some of their love to visitors and they share their love of the community they are part of.

Above is a painting by one of their artist friends done about 20 years ago. They look very much the same now and Joan’s direct gaze and Don’s beautiful hand, smile and modesty enfolding Joan are both classic. The painting in their office at the house on Wax Orchard Road.

Their garden is both a work of art and an inspiration. Their friend horticulturist Lael comes once a week for the garden first and lunch second. I was fortunate enough to share lunch on this past Tuesday. Don was visiting Seattle to see his eye surgeon (after 10 days following a glaucoma surgery).

We would go together on the ferry when I left and made a stop at the Seattle Museum. I loved the tiny Middle East collection – good luck to anyone trying to figure out what, where, when these items belonged. But their more modern stuff was great.

For example the figures above are by Nick Cave who works and teaches in Chicago and one day a year had friends and neighbors walk around the city in these costumes. WOW!

I do love these friends and won’t let as much time go by without spending time with them.

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