Ashland, OR

Long before I knew Susan and Matt I traveled to Ashland with my husband to see the Shakespeare Festival held in summer. Coming from the East Coast we were familiar with the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Connecticut and loved our trek from Princeton for the weekend with a focus on theater and a favorite restaurant on the Housatonic River nearby – we wanted to see what the west coast edition might be like. At that time the Ashland rendition was far simpler and in some way probably was more like early English performances. We went to the Festival  only once.

Susan and Matt went to Ashland each week for their household staples – fresh goats milk, and unpasteurized cows milk and cream, and now that Susan was doing less farming, some vegetables and fruits. They also usually had lunch out at the fancy hotel in the middle of the town. We all four went on their usual market day, Tuesday. The market was small compared to our market in San Rafael, but the produce was sensational.


The entertainment was different only in performers, the music often the same familiar old refrains, songs sung with gusto.


Susan and Matt met briefly with friends there and we tasted some locally baked donuts and then went further north.




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